Corporate Environmental Responsibility
Working together for a better and sustainable future

Right now, the world faces serious environmental changes and a major issue we face is that these issues can be attributed directly to the production of new products, use and disposal of products, subassemblies and parts.

Our Vision:

Together with our customers, co-create circularity in the heating boiler market, reduce waste and provide a cost-effective refurbished/reconditioning service to support new business opportunities for all.

Business Ethics

HTS strives to support environmental and climate change by offering:

  • Refurbished/reconditioned parts service
  • Ethically and Eco-friendly sourced parts from all our suppliers
  • Monitor our use of waste and energy to reduce our Carbon Footprint
  • Offer an alternative and cost-effective service for all our customers
  • Supporting our customers do to ‘their bit’ for the environment globally and locally

As part of our commitment to ISO 14001:2015 HTS incorporate environmental principles into:

Sustainable business development

Choosing remanufactured boiler parts demonstrates ethically and socially responsible behaviour and in particular commitment to 'corporate environment responsibility'.

Choosing remanufactured parts demonstrates commitment to Corporate Environmental Responsibility